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Travel Execs Pty Ltd provides a platform for business owners to book travel through reputable accredited suppliers.   


All agents operating under the Travel Execs brand are experienced travel professionals trading under their own ABN and/or ACN.

Please ensure you only pay for your holiday through the options/account listed under 'Pay Invoice'

The Beginning

The idea to start Travel Execs was born while Tim McLean was overseas on an extended trip in November 2015. After more than 10 years in numerous positions and in different sectors of the travel industry he had become somewhat disengaged with how traditional brick and mortar travel agencies and their agents were fighting to survive. Too many people who loved the industry were leaving due to one reason or another.

It was obvious that there needed to be a change in the way the industry conducted its business. A way for agents to engage with their clients in a more personal way, which provided the freedom necessary to converse with customers in way that suited the modern consumer. Travel is a service industry and it’s important for those that want to operate and succeed in it that they conduct their business in a way that delivers exceptional service on multiple levels.

Tim also strongly believed that agents operating within the industry needed to be remunerated in such a manner that befits the training, knowledge, experience and high level of customer service that is required to be a successful agent. To achieve these levels of remuneration some things needed to
be changed.

It was necessary to find a business model that reduced overhead expenses, a model that went against the ‘big’ industry trend and put profits back in the pockets of those who generate it. To him there was an obvious solution that would need a lot of hard work to establish. The idea was to create a platform where experienced, successful travel professionals had the opportunity to run their own independently owned and operated businesses under one fully licensed travel agency.

That agency could then, leveraging off the benefits of multiple users find more cost-effective solutions to assist with the reduction of necessary industry overheads. While also using the buying power of the agency to negotiate better contracts with travel service providers. Those negotiated contracts would then enable consultants to offer better rates to their clients and keep them competitive with the market.

With this model now firmly planted in Tim’s mind and his unwavering belief that such a model would benefit all involved he arduously went about researching ways to make it not only happen but also to compete with other companies with a much larger commercial reach. Early in 2016 he had developed a cost model that quantified his belief that independent agents could greatly improve their productivity, sustainability and profitability while still having the freedom to operate their business as they wished.


It was then, in early 2016 that Travel Execs as a brand was born and the new platform gained its first bit of visible life. Supplier agreements, partnerships, and contracts were initiated and the first transactions under the name occurred.  

At this point the business changed its legal structure and the company Travel Execs Pty Ltd was founded.

In April 2o18 the business formally started advertising for consultants looking to run their own business on the Travel Execs platform.

Fast forward 18 months and there are now nearly 30 consultants actively utilising the platform.